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This Program is Designed to Help You Lose Weight and Build Lean Mass Simultaneously.

Can You Build Muscle and Lose Weight at the Same Time?

Yes, losing weight and developing lean mass simultaneously is possible through a good training program, consuming a balanced diet, and maintaining a little discipline.

To achieve this goal, your weekly diet must involve intermittent higher-calorie days (two non-consecutive days every week when your diet includes more carbs), especially on the leg and back days when you need more energy to perform exercises efficiently.

The remaining five days of the week will be your baseline "fat-loss" macro and calorie goals.

This process will take time to work, but it works. So those who lack patience shouldn't follow this.

What Will You Get In this Program?

In this program, you'll get the ultimate training program that includes a detailed workout routine, macros information, hundreds of food lists, and key tips.

  • 8 Week Detailed Workout Routine (6x a week)
  • Include Same and Alternate Day Cardio and Strength Training
  • Combination of Compound and Isolation Exercises for Muscle Building
  • Different Cardio Workout Types: Low-Impact, Moderate, and HIIT
  • Specific Abs Workout
  • List of more than 100 foods that maximize weight loss and build muscle
  • Sample Macros for Body Recomposition
  • Universal Tactics and Facts of fat loss

Who Should Get This?

✅ Those who want to build muscle and lose weight at the same time. If you only want to lose weight, you can achieve that through calorie deficit with little or no gym exercises.

✅ Those who can exercise 60-90 minutes a day.

✅ Those who are serious about their health and understand the risks of being overweight and weak.

✅ Suitable for Males and Females Both

Primary Results You Can Expect

✔ approx 1lbs of pure body fat lost every week.

✔ Strong Muscles and Better Body Composition

✔ Enhanced Cardiovascular and Metabolism Health

How Is This Program Different?

There are a huge number of body composition workout programs available on the web.

Some of them are great. Most are terrible.

The problem with a lot of popular free fitness routines is that it’s designed to promote and sell you stuff that you don’t need, usually in the form of unnecessary supplements, pills, potions, gadgets, or cookie-cutter workouts that will give you underwhelming and unsustainable results.

They mentioned spot reduction, overnight fat loss, and so many nonsense things.

This program is different because I’m not trying to confuse you, up-sell you on a bogus product, or keep ‘the secrets’ locked away behind a very expensive paywall.

I’ve kept things simple and accessible for everyone. No jargon, no fad products, no magic bullets, and no filler.

Lastly, this routine is NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. It requires some serious dedication and, with fierce consistency, I believe you will see amazing results. Thank you for the ongoing support, and STAY AFTER IT!

PLEASE NOTE: This program DOES NOT include step-by-step instructions for each exercise listed. If there are any exercises in this program you are slightly unfamiliar with, a quick internet search is advised on the proper form for that exercise

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible or liable for any injury or harm incurred by the use and guidance of this Strength Training + Cardio Routine. Upon purchase, you agree to hold full liability for the aforementioned, taking full financial responsibility for any cost incurred as a result of injury or harm.

Upon purchase, you agree to the anti-piracy terms of this product, which prohibit this program from being copied, shared, redistributed, or resold in any form. Breaking these terms can and may result in a class action lawsuit, and all involved person(s) will be prosecuted to the fullest liable extent.

Try this program for 16 weeks with honesty, and I believe you'll see the results.

You can connect with me on Instagram for any query.

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Time to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle!

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